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Dr. Tania White


CEO & Chief HR Strategist

The Canary Experience

We are a Chicago-based boutique HR Consulting firm that is committed to providing professional and creative HR support. We recognize that your employees are your richest resource. We, therefore, pride ourselves on excellent client service and satisfaction and are confident that we will fulfill the needs of your organization.


Canary HR Consulting provides a vast amount of diverse services including but not limited to Strategic Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Training & Development, Organizational Development, Policy and Procedure Development, Succession Planning, Climate Assessment, and Operations Audit. Our consultants work closely with the client to help identify needs, develop action plans and facilitate the change that will enhance the success of your organization. We believe in establishing a culture conducive to positive behaviors, properly skilled employees, warmth, and success. Becoming the "Employer of Choice" starts with "The Canary Experience".


our core values

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Canary will put the pieces together

for your business success!


Canary HR Consulting specializes in assisting start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory with hiring and managing their workforce. We work with every client closely so we can understand their vision, business, and obstacles. Canary will take the guesswork out of your employee issues and provide a strategic and caring process that will enhance your company. 



  • Our priority is to understand the needs of our clients before making recommendations to them.

  • We take pride in everything we do, so we lead with integrity by taking ownership of everything we do.

  • We partner with employers as one team to accomplish your human resources goals.

  • We treat all of our clients and their staff members with dignity, honor and respect to build lasting partnerships and trust.

  • We believe in living life to the fullest by celebrating the successes of our clients and their team members. 

  • We believe in delivering our clients with the highest level of excellence and service 100 percent of the time.

our clients are our partners

That’s why we choose them carefully:

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